Welcome to the ECTS-IBMS 2015 Working Groups and EU Consortia

Working Groups

Imaging Bone Strength Working Group

Sunday 26 April, 18.30

Room: Van Cappellen

Chairpersons: Philippe Zysset (Switzerland) & Klaus Engelke (Germany)

18:30 Multiscale bone imaging in a clinical perspective: going beyond bone quality - Philipp Schneider (UK)

19:00 Finite element modeling for the prediction of osteoporotic bone fracture risk: is it better than DXA? - Bert van Rietbergen (The Netherlands)

19:30 The role of vertebral fracture assessment in the evaluation of fracture risk - Erik Fink Eriksen (Norway)

20:00 Poster Reception

INTERBONE Working Group

Sunday 26 April, 18.30

Room: Zeelenberg

Chairpersons: Hans van Leeuwen (The Netherlands) & Willian Zambuzzi (Brazil)

18:30 Tick-tock ... bones and our body clock - Gijsbertus T.J. van der Horst (The Netherlands)

19:00 Bone-blood interactions: relevance for human disease - Marc Raaijmakers (The Netherlands)

19:30 Multiple faces of nitric oxide in manoeuvring angiogenesis - Suvro Chatterjee (India)

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Bone Quality Working Group

Sunday 26 April, 18.30

Room: Ruys

Chair: Prof. Willem Lems (The Netherlands) and Prof Gerolamo Bianchi (Genoa, Italy)

1. Measurement of bone quality in daily practice - Prof Joop van den Berg (Venlo, Netherlands)

2. Overview of osteoimmunology - Prof. Piet Geusens (Belgium)

3. Bone involvement in early RA - Stephanie Finzel (Erlangen, Germany)


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EU Consortia

EU Consortias within the ECTS-IBMS field will be displaying their work for the duration of the meeting in the Poster Area – Arcadis Room.

The following EU consortia will be in attendance

  • BioInspire



  • iBONE/Epigenetics

  • FORMOsA (Sarcopenia)

  • Bone Pain

  • Euroclasts

Representatives of each consortium will be alongside their posters during the poster receptions on Sunday 26 April 2015 16:45 – 17:45 and Monday 27 April 2015 16:45 – 17:45.

These times will give delegates the opportunity to:

-              See the current work of the consortia

-               Share EU funding experiences

-               Enable networking and discussions

-               Discuss recruitment opportunities

-               Find potential consortia partners for current and future projects. 

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