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The ECTS-IBMS 2015 scientific programme includes basic, translational and clinical sessions.

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25 April 2015
08:00 22:00  Registration Open
Ground Floor
09:00 09:30  Coffee
Willem Burger Foyer
09:30 12:00  Clinical Update Session: Postmenopausal osteoporosis, diagnostic tools, fracture risk assessment and treatment
Willem Burger Room
Chairs: Bente Langdahl (Aarhus) & Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK)
09:30CU1.1Update on tools for diagnosing and monitoring osteoporosis
Pilar Peris (Barcelona, Spain)
10:00CU1.2Fracture risk prediction
John Eisman (Sydney, Australia)
10:30CU1.3Antiresorptive treatment of osteoporosis
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)
11:00CU1.4Anabolic treatment of osteoporosis
Michael McClung (Portland, USA)
11:30CU1.5Long-term management of postmenopausal osteoporosis
Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
09:30 12:00  Comparative Endocrinology of Calcium Regulation Workshop
Juriaanse Room
Chair: Janine Danks (Bundoora, Australia) and Chris Kovacs (Newfoundland, Canada)
09:30CECR1Which came first: Parathyroid hormone or parathyroid hormone-related protein?
Janine Danks (Bundoora, Australia)
10:00CECR2Calcium regulation in egg-laying chickens
Toshie Sugiyama (Niigata, Japan)
10:30CECR3Regulation of fetal mineral and bone homeostasis by Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 (FGF23)
Chris Kovacs (Newfoundland, Canada)
11:00CECROC1.1Oxidative stress inhibits PTH type 1 receptor signaling and trafficking
Juan A Ardura (Madrid, Spain)
11:15CECROC1.2Klotho null fetuses reveal that FGF23 does not regulate fetal-placental phosphorus homeostasis or prenatal bone formation and mineralization 
Yue Ma (Newfoundland, Canada)
11:30CECROC1.3Expression Profile of NGF-BDNF and Osteocalcin Genes in Brain, Bone, Fat Stores and Reproductive Organs
Claudia Camerino (Bari, Italy)
11:45CECROC1.4Direct systemic effects of BMP 2 and 7 on the skeleton
Ivo Dumic-Cule (Zagreb, Croatia)
12:00 12:30  Lunch
Willem Burger Foyer
12:30 15:00  Clinical Update Session: Vitamin D - skeletal and non-skeletal effects
Willem Burger Room
Chairs: Paul Lips (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) & Roger Bouillon (Leuven, Belgium)
12:30CU2.1An update on the effects of Vitamin D on the skeleton
Paul Lips (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
13:00CU2.2Vitamin D and muscle
Heike Bischoff-Ferrari (Zurich, Switzerland)
13:30CU2.3Disorders of Vitamin D and Calcium Absorption
Roger Bouillon (Belgium)
14:00CU2.4Vitamin D and cancer
David Feldman (Stanford, USA)
14:30CU2.5Vitamin D in pregnancy
Nick Harvey (Southampton, UK)
12:30 15:00  Allied Health Professionals Session
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Margaret Paggiosi (Sheffield, UK) & Mette Juel Rothmann (Odense, Denmark)
12:30AHP1.1Welcome and introductions
12:35AHP1.2Highlights of the programme for AHPs
12:45AHP1.3Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis
Willem Lems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
13:10AHPOC1.1Association among Sarcopenia and sarcodynapenia with Osteoporosis in outpatient elderly men and women
Alberto Frisoli (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
13:20AHP1.4Atypical femur fractures
Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
13:45Refreshment Break & Networking
14:15AHPOC1.2The fracture patient phenotype: bone and fall-related risk factors in patients at the Fracture Liaison Service
Lisanne Vranken (Venlo, The Netherlands)
14:25AHP1.5Diabetes and bone health
Nicola Napoli (St Louis, USA)
14:50AHPOC1.3The effect of glucose-load on bone turnover markers and osteoblasts function: an in vivo and in vitro investigation
Tara Brennan-Speranza (Sydney, Australia)
15:00 15:15  Break
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
15:15 16:45  Educational Symposium: The osteocyte and anabolic treatment of osteoporosis
Supported by UCB
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark), Claus -C Glueer (Kiel, Germany) & Theresa Guise (USA)
15:15The osteocyte - in health and disease
Lynda Bonewald (Missouri, USA)
15:45Sclerostin serum - what is the clinical relevance?
Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK)
16:15Sclerostin antibodies - uncoupling of bone formation and bone resorption
Michael McClung (Oregon, USA)
16:45 17:15  Break
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
17:15 18:45  Industry - Sponsored Satellite Symposia
Jurriaanse Room
18:45 19:00  Break
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
19:00 20:00  Opening Ceremony - Steven Boonen lecture and award
Grote Zaal
Chairs: Claus -C Glueer (Kiel, Germany) & Hans van Leeuwen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
19:15From rare bone diseases to treatments of osteoporosis: the sclerostin paradigm
Socrates Papapoulos (Leiden, The Netherlands)
20:00 21:15  Opening Ceremony - ECTS/ASBMR Debate: This house believes that the study of mouse physiology usually translates into new insights into human physiology
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK) & Roberto Civitelli (St Louis, USA)
D1.1For the Motion
Mone Zaidi (USA)
D1.2Against the Motion
Emily Sena (Edinburgh, UK)
21:15   Welcome Reception
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
26 April 2015
07:00 21:00  Registration Open
Ground Floor
08:00 09:15  Symposium 1: Osteoporosis: What have we to learn about the disease mechanism and treatment effects?
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Paul Lips (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) & Lorenz Hofbauer (Dresden, Germany)
S1.1Population based studies - what have we learned?
Carola Zillikens (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
S1.2Clinical trials - why do we need clinical trials?
Ian Reid (Auckland, New Zealand)
08:00 10:00  CABS Session 1: Tumor microenvironment: The dark side of the bone
Van Weelde / Mees
Chairs: Gabri van der Pluijm (Leiden, The Netherlands) & Marco Cecchini (Bern, Switzerland)
08:00CABS1.1Coupling of angiogenesis and osteogenesis by a specific vessel subtype in bone
Anjali Kusumbe (Muenster, Germany)
08:30CABS1.2Molecular stromal signatures in the supportive bone microenvironment of breast and prostate cancer
Janine Hensel (Bern, Switzerland)
09:00CABSOC1.1The sesquiterpene lactone Parthenolide protects against cancer cell-induced osteolysis by inhibiting osteoclast formation and promoting osteoblast differentiation.
Silvia Marino (Sheffield, UK)
09:10CABSOC1.2Breast cancer cells compete for the space in the bone metastatic niche
Gloria Allocca (Sheffield, UK)
09:20CABSOC1.3ERRa regulates prostate cancer cell colonization in bone
Edith Bonneleye (Lyon, France)
09:30CABSOC1.4The dark side of bone anabolics? Intermittent PTH modifies the microenvironment to increase skeletal breast cancer metastasis in vivo.
Penelope D Ottewell (Sheffield, UK)
09:40CABSOC1.5The Pain Mediator NGF is Induced by Multiple Myeloma in vivo, and Relieved by Therapeutic Activation of Adiponectin Signalling
Sam Olechnowicz (Headington, UK)
09:50CABSOC1.6The anti-diabetic drug metformin reduces tumour burden and osteolytic bone disease in multiple myeloma in vivo
Siobhan Webb (Oxford, UK)
09:15 10:15  Plenary Orals 1 - Preclinical: Osteoblasts and animal models of rare bone diseases
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Bram Van der Eerden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) & Miep Helfrich (Aberdeen, UK)
09:15OC1.1Wnt16 promotes osteoblastogenesis and is negatively regulated by glucocorticoids in vitro and in vivo
Susanne Hildebrandt (Dresden, Germany)
09:25OC1.2Osteoblast N-cadherin restrains Wnt/β-catenin signaling and the osteo-anabolic effect of Dkk1 inhibition
Roberto Civitelli (USA)
09:35OC1.3Mechanical loading reduces inflammation-induced human osteocyte-to-osteoclast signaling
Janak L. Pathak (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
09:45OC1.4RNA interfering strategy to cure Autosomal Dominant Osteopetrosis type 2 (ADO2)
Mattia Capulli (L'Aquila, Italy)
09:55OC1.5Dominant Mouse Model with Uncleavable Type I Collagen C-propeptide Processing Site has Extremely Brittle Bones
Aileen M. Barnes (Bethesa, USA)
10:05OC1.6Combination Sclerostin Antibody and Zoledronic Acid Treatment Outperforms Either Treatment Alone in a Mouse Model of Osteogenesis Imperfecta
David Little (Australia)
09:15 10:15  Plenary Oral 2 - Clinical: Osteopororsis and osteoarthritis
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland) & Eekhof Marelise (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
09:15OC2.1Melatonin improves bone mineral density (BMD) at the femoral neck in post-menopausal women with osteopenia: A randomized controlled trial.
Anne-Kristine Amstrup (Aarhus, Denmark)
09:25OC2.2Neonatal high bone mass with heterozygous de novo missense mutation in RELA (RelA/p65)
Michael P Whyte (Washington, USA)
09:35OC2.3Osteoprotegerin Autoantibodies are Independently Associated with Reduced Bone Density in Coeliac Disease
Philip Riches (Edinburgh, UK)
09:45OC2.4Mitochondrial DNA Point Mutation is Associated with Lower Bone Mineral Density and Altered Bone Structure in a Matched Case-Control Study
Jakob H. Langdahl (Odense, Denmark)
09:55OC2.5Bone Marrow Lesions Detected by Different Magnetic Resonance Sequences as Potential Biomarkers for Knee Osteoarthritis: Comprehensive Tissue Level Analysis
Julia Kuliwaba (Adelaide, Australia)
10:05OC2.6Gender-Specific Effects of Bisphosphonates on Mortality among Austrian Hip Fracture Patients Aged ≥50 Years
Wolfgang Brozek (Vienna, Austria)
10:15 11:00  Coffee, Posters & Exhibition
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
10:15 11:00  ECTS AGM
Jurriaanse Room
11:00 12:15  CABS Session 1 continued: Tumor microenvironment: The dark sIde of the bone
Van Weelde / Mees Room
Chairs: Peter Croucher (Sydney, Austalia) & Michaela Reagan (Boston, USA)
11:00CABS1.3Bone and hematopoietic stem cells: partners in leukemogenesis?
Mark Raaijmakers (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
11:30CABS1.4The bone microenvironment and myeloma
Nicola Giuliani (Parma, Italy)
12:00CABSOP1.1Cripto/GRP78 Signalling in Dissemination and Metastasis of Human Osteotropic Prostate Cancer
Marianna Kruithof-de Julio (Leiden, The Netherlands)
12:05CABSOP1.2Contribution of Osteocytes to Cancer-Associated Bone Pain via Connexin43-Mediated Communications with Sensory Neurons Under the Acidic Microenvironment in Bone Metastasis
Toshiyuki Yoneda (Indianapolis, USA)
12:10CABSOP1.3Endothelin-1, a Gene Regulated by TMPRSS2:ERG Fusion Proteins in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastases
Carine Delliaux (Lille, France)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 1: Biomaterials
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Richard Oreffo (Southampton, UK) & Hans van Leeuwen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
11:00W1.1Decellularised tissues
Stephen Badylak (USA)
11:30W1.2Talking to cells: Surface topograhy as a tool to evoke cellular responses
Jan de Boer (The Netherlands)
12:00W1.3Engineering of 3D vascularized human tissues
Heike Walles (Germany)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 2: Muscle & Bone
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Astrid Bakker (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) & Torben Harsløf (Denmark)
11:00W2.1Definition and pathogenesis of sarcopenia
Tamara Harris (USA)
11:30W2.2Pathways and targets under investigation for pharmacological treatment of sarcopenia
Franz Jacob (Wuerzburg, Germany)
12:00W2.3Impact of exercise on neuromuscular function
Dieter Felsenberg (Germany)
12:30 14:30  Lunch & Posters & Exhibition
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
12:45 14:15  Industry-sponsored satellite symposia
Jurriaanse Room
14:30 15:45  Symposium 2: New directions in cancer & bone
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Theresa Guise (Indiana, USA) & Gabri Van der Pluijm (Leiden, The Netherlands)
S2.1New directions in cancer and bone - New treatments
Rob Coleman (Sheffield, UK)
S2.2Lysyl-oxidase and the premetastatic bone niche 
Alison Gartland (Sheffield, UK)
15:45 16:45  Oral Posters 1 - Clinical
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra (Leiden, The Netherlands) & Ian Reid (Auckland, New Zealand)
15:45OP1HR-pQCT and DXA Changes in Bone Density and Microarchitecture Over Two Years in Young Adults
David A Hanley (Calgary, Canada)
15:49OP2A New Method for 3D-QCT of the Distal Forearm Using Clinical Whole-Body CT Scanners
Bastian Gerner (Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
15:53OP3Increased Cortical Porosity in Women and Men with Diabetes: the Framingham Osteoporosis Study
EL Samelson (Boston, USA)
16:01OP4Serum Sclerostin is Associated with Impaired Insulin-Induced Whole-Body Glucose Uptake in Obesity
Renate de Jongh (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
16:05OP5The Effect of Treatment with Intact PTH on Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin and Measures of Energy Metabolism in Hypoparathyroidism: a Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Trial
Torben Harsløf (Aarhus, Denmark)
16:09OP6Routine Laboratory Examination in Osteoporosis in Primary Care: Uncertainty About the Benefits
Thomas Merlijn (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
16:17OP7Low Body Mass Index in Young Women Affects BMD and Bone Bending Strength
Michael Liang (California, USA)
16:21OP8The Fracture Patient Phenotype: Bone and Fall-Related Risk Factors in Patients at the Fracture Liaison Service
Lisanne Vranken (Venlo, The Netherlands)
16:25OP9Roux-en-Y Gastrectomy Results in Greater Increase in Bone Turnover after Surgery than Sleeve Gastrectomy in Morbidly Obese Patients
Kaisa Ivaska (Turku, Finland)
16:3310 x SNAPSHOT Oral Poster Presentations
15:45 16:45  Oral Posters 2 - Preclinical
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Eric Hesse (Hamberg, Germany) & Andre Uitterlinden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
15:45OP21UBR5, an E3 Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase, Regulates Hedgehog-mediated Tendon Ossification
Mark Ditzel (Edinburgh, UK)
15:49OP22Oxidative stress inhibits PTH type 1 receptor signaling and trafficking
Juan A Ardura (Madrid, Spain)
15:53OP23A Stable Synthetic Sulforaphane Significantly Improves Bone Architecture and Gait in the Naturally Occurring Str/ort Model of Osteoarthritis
Behzad Javaheri (London, UK)
16:01OP24Skin inflammation causes bone loss by IL17A-mediated inhibition of bone formation
Ozge Uluckan (Madrid, Spain)
16:05OP25DLX3 is a major regulator of bone apposition and homeostasis in the appendicular skeleton
J Isaac (Bethesda, USA)
16:09OP26VEGF-dependent control of osteoblast/adipocyte differentiation
Agnes Berendsen (Boston, USA)
16:17OP27Gene correction by homologous recombination in TCIRG1-defective induced pluripotent stem cells
Anna Villa (Milan, Italy)
16:21OP28Abstract Withdrawn
16:25OP29In vivo bone surface monitoring reveals age-related changes in adaptive bone (re)modeling sequences
Annette Birkhold (Berlin, Germany)
16:3310 x SNAPSHOT Oral Poster Presentations
16:45 17:45  Poster reception
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 1 & 2
MTP1Benefits and risks associated with calcium supplementation
Mees Room
Ian Reid (Auckland, New Zealand)
MTP2Aging, muscle quality and health outcomes
Van Der Vorm Room
Tamara Harris (USA)
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 3 & 4
MTP3Bone histology and histomorphometry
Plate Room
David Dempster (New York, USA)
MTP4Connexins, cadherins and cell-to-cell signalling in bone
Ruys Room
Pierre Marie (France)
17:45 18:30  Meet the Publisher
Van Rijckevorsel Room
MTP10.1Preparing a manuscript for publication
Serge Ferrari
MTP10.2Review Process
Juliet Compston
MTP10.3Deciding where to Publish
Jon Newbury
18:30 20:30  Working Group - Rheumatoid Arthritis and Bone Quality
Ruys Room
Chairs: Willem Lems (The Netherlands) & Gerolamo Bianchi (Genoa, Italy)
18:30WG3.1Measurement of bone quality in daily practice
Joop van den Berg (Venlo, The Netherlands)
19:00WG3.2Overview of Osteoimmunology
Piet Geusens (Belgium)
19:30WG3.3Bone involvement in early RA
Stephanie Finzel (Erlangen, Germany)
18:30 20:30  Interbone Working Group
Zeelenberg Room
Chairs: Hans van Leeuwen (The Netherlands) & Willian Zambuzzi (Brazil)
18:30WG2.1Tick-tock ... bones and our body clock
Gijsbertus T.J. van der Horst (The Netherlands)
19:00WG2.2Bone-blood interactions: relevance for human disease
Marc Raaijmakers (The Netherlands)
19:30WG2.3Multiple faces of nitric oxide in manoeuvring angiogenesis
Suvro Chatterjee (India)
18:30 20:30  Working Group - Imaging Bone Strength
Van Cappellen Room
Chairs: Philippe Zysset (Switzerland) & Klaus Engelke (Germany)
18:30WG1.1Multi-scale bone imaging in a clinical perspectuve: going beyond bone quality
Philipp Schneider (UK)
19:00WG1.2Finite element modeling for the prediction of osteoporotic bone fracture risk: is it better than DXA?
Bert van Rietbergen (The Netherlands)
19:30WG1.3The role of vertebral fracture assessment in the evaluation of fracture risk
Erik Fink Eriksen (Norway)
20:00WG1.4Poster Reception
18:45 20:45  ECTS–IBMS New Investigator Seminar and Gathering
Eduard Flipse Room
27 April 2015
07:00 20:30  Registration Open
Ground Floor
08:00 09:15  Symposium 3: Stem cells - from the laboratory to clinical application
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Pierre Marie (Paris, France) & Jeroen van der Peppel (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
S3.1Organoid culture for in-vitro disease modelling
Marc van der Wetering (The Netherlands)
S3.2New strategies for bone repair – harnessing skeletal stem cells from bench to clinic
Richard Oreffo (Southampton, UK)
09:15 10:15  Plenary Orals 3 - Preclinical: Bone formation and vitamin D
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Gudrun Stenbeck (London, UK) & Marjolein von Driel (The Netherlands)
09:15OC3.1Identification of Chloride Intracellular Channel Protein 3 as a Novel Gene Affecting Bone Formation
Andrea Brum (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
09:25OC3.2Neuro-Protein CRMP4 Inhibits Bone Formation by Regulating BMP Signalling and Rhoa-FAK Network
Basem M Abdallah (Odense, Denmark)
09:35OC3.3Transgenic Over-Expression of Vitamin D Receptor in Mature Osteoblasts Enhances Catabolic Activities under Dietary Calcium and Phosphorus Restriction
Rahma Triliana (Malang, East Java, Indonesia)
09:45OC3.4Absence of VDR in Mature Osteoclasts Results in Enhanced Resorptive Activity
Yolandi Starczak (Adelaide, Australia)
09:55OC3.5Mature Osteoblasts Regulate Vitamin D-Mediated Bone Resorption during Growth and Dietary Calcium/Phosphorus Restriction
Jackson Ryan (Adelaide, Australia)
09:15 10:15  Plenary Orals 4 - Clinical: Osteoporosis and hypophosphatasia
Grote Room
Chairs: Barbera Obermeyer-Pitsch (Graz, Austria) & Coen Netelenbos (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
09:15OC4.1Unintentional Weight Loss and Fracture: The Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women
Juliet Compston (Cambridge, UK)
09:25OC4.2Heavy Cannabis use is Associated with Reduced Fat Mass and Increased Fracture Risk but Does Not Influence Bone Density
Antonia Sophocleous (Edinburgh, UK)
09:35OC4.3Significantly Improved Muscle Strength, Running Speed, and Agility in Children with Hypophosphatasia Treated with Asfotase Alfa
Michael Whyte (St. Louis, USA)
09:45OC4.4Odanacatib Anti-Fracture Efficacy And Safety in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis: Results from the Phase III Long-Term Odanacatib Fracture Trial (LOFT)
Michael McClung (Portland, USA)
09:55OC4.5Tracking of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status in Pregnant Women
Rebecca Moon (Southampton, UK)
10:05OC4.6Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies on the Effect of Incretin Treatment on Fracture Risk
Johanna Driessen (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
10:15 11:00  Coffee & Posters & Exhibition
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
10:15 11:00  IBMS AGM
Grote Room
11:00 12:30  CABS Session 2: New therapies & approaches in cancer-induced bone disease
Van Weelde / Mees Room
Chairs: Ingunn Holen (Sheffield, UK) & Theresa Guise (Indiana, USA)
11:00CABS2.1Radium223 and skeletal metastases
Øyvind S. Bruland (Oslo, Norway)
11:30CABS2.2Preclinical developments; Radium223 in osteolytic bone metastases and osteosarcoma
Michel Wissing (Leiden, The Netherlands)
12:00CABS2.3Clinical Debate: ‘Radium-223 can augment the efficacy of cancer and bone treatments for metabolic bone disease!'
Janet Brown (Sheffield, UK) & Luis Costa (Lisbon, Portugal)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 3: Neuronal control of bone
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Claire Edwards (Oxford, UK) & Nathalie Bravenboer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
11:00W3.1Regulation of bone remodelling by semaphorins and sensory innervations
Shu Takeda (Japan)
11:30W3.2Control of bone metastases by the sympathetic nervous system
Florent Elefteriou (USA)
12:00W3.3Hypothalamic control of bone and fat
Paul Baldock (Australia)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 4: Nanomedicine
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Jenneke Klein Nulend (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) & Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
11:00W4.1What is it?
Robert Chapman (London, UK)
11:30W4.2Molecular imaging using nanoparticles
Fabian Kiessling (Germany)
12:00W4.3Targeted Nanomedicine and Nanotheranostics
Gert Storm (Utrecht)
12:30 14:30  Lunch & Posters & Exhibition
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
12:45 14:15  Industry-sponsored satellite symposia
Grote Zaal Room
14:30 15:45  Joint ECTS-IBMS / ASBMR Symposium 4: The effect of osteoporosis treatments on cortical bone
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark) & Socrates Papapoulos (Leiden, The Netherlands)
S4.1Modelling and remodelling of the cortical bone
David Dempster (New York, USA)
S4.2Insights from clinical trials
Juliet Compston (Cambridge, UK)
14:30 16:45  CABS Session 3: Cancer plasticity, stem cells and dissemination
Van Weelde / Mees Room
Chairs: Claire Edwards (Oxford, UK) & Dominique Heymann (Nantes, France)
14:30CABS3.1Mechanisms of cancer invasion and metastasis: potential therapeutic implications
Peter Friedl (Nijmegen, The Netherlands & Houston, USA)
15:00CABS3.2Breast stem cells and cancer
Rob Clarke (Manchester, UK)
15:30CABS3.3CTCs, who cares? It’s all about DTCs!
Ingunn Holen (Sheffield, UK)
16:00CABSOC3.1Targeting of Epithelial-to-Mesenchyme Transition by a Novel Small Molecule Inhibitor Attenuates Prostate and Breast Cancer Invasiveness and Bone Metastases
Gabri van der Pluijm (Leiden, The Netherlands)
16:10CABSOC3.2BMP7 Inhibits Prostate Cancer Metastases by Depletion of Metastasis-Initiating Cancer Stem Cells
Jeroen Buijs (Leiden, The Netherlands)
16:20CABSOP3.1The Inhibition of c-MET Reduces Bone Metastases Induced by Renal Cancer Stem Cells
Ilaria Roato (Torino, Italy)
16:25CABSOP3.2Calpain-6 Expression Identifies a Stem Cell Population in Osteosarcoma
Caroline Andrique (Paris, France)
16:30CABSOP3.3EPCR Promotes a Tumourogenic and Metastatic Phenotype in Breast Cancer
Naiara Perurena (Pamplona, Spain)
16:35CABSOP3.4Bone Cells Control Myeloma Cell Dormancy and Activation in the Skeleton
Michelle McDonald (Sydney, Australia)
16:40CABSOP3.5Hif Signalling in Skeletal Progenitors Promotes Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis Through Systemic Production of CXCL12
Calire-Sophie Devignes (Paris, France)
15:45 16:45  Oral Posters 3 - Clinical
Grote Zaal Room
Chairs: John Eisman (Sydney, Australia) & Ling Oei
15:45OP10The Association between Serum Uric Acid, Bone Mineral Density, Hip Bone Geometry and Fracture Risk: the role of Age and Vitamin C
Taulant Muka (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
15:49OP11SSRIs and Change in Bone Mineral Density in a Population-Based Study of Middle-Aged and Older Men and Women
Annelies Ham (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
15:53OP12Safety and Efficacy of Odanacatib in the Treatment of Men with Osteoporosis: a Randomised Placebo-Controlled Trial
Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark)
16:01OP13Abstract Withdrawn
16:05OP14Intranasal Administration of PTH(1-34) for the Treatment of Osteoporosis - Equivalence to Subcutaneous Injection at the Neck of Femur in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Mandated Preclinical Model
Allan Williams (Nottingham, UK)
16:09OP15Early Changes in Bone Turnover Markers are Associated with Increases in BMD During Treatment with Blosozumab in Postmenopausal Women with Low BMD
Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK)
16:17OP16Osteoblasts from Type V OI Patients Demonstrate Gain-of-Function for Mineralisation Despite Decreased COL1A1 Expression
Adi Reich (Bethesda, USA)
16:21OP17Non-Surgical Hypoparathyroidism in Denmark – Epidemiology, Mortality and Complications
Line Underbjerg (Aarhus, Denmark)
16:25OP18Baseline Characteristics of the ZIPP Study Cohort Provide a Unique Insight into the Evolution of SQSTM1 Mediated Paget’s Disease
Huilin Jin (Edinburgh, UK)
16:3310 x SNAPSHOT Oral Poster Presentations
15:45 16:45  Oral Posters 4 - Preclinical
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Martina Rauner (Dresden, Germany) & Bram Van der Eerden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
15:45OP30Abstract Withdrawn
15:49OP31Estradiol Modulates and Recovers Osteocyte Metabolic/Lipid Profiles after Ovariectomy in Acute and Long-Term In Vivo Hormone Replacement Therapeutics
Ana M. Silva (Coimbra, Portugal)
15:53OP32Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 is Involved in Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteopenia, Diabetes and Muscle Wasting in Mice
Yukinori Tamura (Osakasayama, Japan)
16:01OP33HIF1α Down-Regulates MMP-13 Expression through Blockade of Wnt Canonical Signalling
Wafa Bouaziz (Paris, France)
16:05OP34UBR5, an E3 Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase, Regulates Hedgehog-mediated Articular Cartilage Homeostasis
Mark Ditzel (Edinburgh, UK)
16:09OP35PiT1/Slc20a1 Mediates Survival of Chondrocytes from Endoplasmic Reticulum-Induced Stress In Vivo and In Vitro
Greig Couasnay (Nantes, France)
16:17OP36Circulating Microvesicles from Elderly Donors Modulate Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through the Delivery of microRNAs
Johannes Grillari (Vienna, Austria)
16:21OP37Circulating microRNAs that are Induced by Osteoporotic Fractures Modulate Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Matthias Hackl (Vienna, Austria)
16:25OP38Development of a Lentiviral Vector to Express RANKL in Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Therapy of RANKL-Dependent Osteopetrosis
Ciro Menale (Milan, Italy)
16:3310 x SNAPSHOT Oral Poster Presentations
16:45 17:45  Poster reception
Exhibition Hall - Port of Rott. Foyer
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 5
MTP5Vescicular trafficking in skeletal dynamics
Mees Room
Gudrun Stenbeck (London, UK)
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 6
MTP6Novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for Osteopetrosis
Van der Vorm Room
Uwe Kornak (Germany)
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 7
MTP7How to get your project funded
Plate Room
Tim Spector (London, UK)
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 8
MTP8Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Van Rickevorsal Room
Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK)
17:45 18:30  Meet the Professor 9
Ruys Room
Joost Gribnau
18:45 20:15  ECTS-IBMS New Investigator Mentor Session
Eduard Flipse Room
NI1.1Women in leadership positions – challenges and opportunities
Michaela Kneissel (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
NI1.2GWAS studies
Andre Uitterlinden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
NI1.3Bone Metastases
Rob Coleman (Sheffield, UK)
NI1.4Genetics in bone
Uwe Kornak (Germany)
NI1.5The big dream of independency - is it worth it?
Marc Raaijmakers (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
NI1.6Combining clinical duties and basic research
Carola Zillikens (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
NI1.7Diabetic Bone Disease
Nicola Napoli (Italy)
NI1.8Strategic career planning
Hans van Leeuwen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
28 April 2015
06:30 16:00  Registration Open
Ground Floor
07:00 08:00  ECTS-IBMS New Investigator Breakfast Carnival: Grant Writing Breakfast
Eduard Flipse Room
NI2.1Finding the Appropriate Grant
Marianna de Julio (Leiden, The Netherlands)
NI2.2The Grant Reviewer's Perspective
Juliet Compston (Cambridge, UK)
NI2.3Having a Strategy Before Writing
Gudrun Stenbeck (London, UK)
NI2.4Writing an Abstract/Executive Summary
Lorenz Hofbauer (Dresden, Germany)
NI2.5Track Record
Mone Zaidi (New York, USA)
NI2.6Writing Style
Florent Elefteriou (Tennessee, USA)
08:00 09:00  Symposium 5: Bone Pain
Willem Burger Room
Chair: Toshi Yoneda (Indianapolis, USA)
S5.1Mechanisms of bone pain
Pat Mantyh (USA)
S5.2Subchondral bone as a source of arthritis pain
David Walsh (UK)
08:00 09:50  CABS Session 4: Noncoding RNAs in tumor progression and cancer-induced bone disease
Van Weelde / Mees Room
Chair: Geertje van der Horst (Leiden, The Netherlands)
08:00CABS4.1Long non-coding RNAs in Prostate Cancer Progression
Guido Jenster (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
08:30CABSOC4.1Vectorisation of hypoxia-activated prodrugs to chondrosarcoma proteoglycans: Evaluation and characterisation of antitumoural activity.
Voissiere Aurélien (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
08:40CABSOC4.2Beta Hemoglobin (HBB): A Novel Marker of Breast Cancer Progression
Nadia Rucci (Italy)
08:50CABSOC4.3FZD5 Mediates the Anti-Proliferative, but not the Pro-Apoptotic Effects of WNT5A on Prostate Cancer Cells
Stefanie Thiele (Dresden, Germany)
09:00CABS4.2MicroRNA-dependent and epigenetic programs in osteosarcoma development
Thibaut Quillard (Nantes, France)
09:30CABSOP4.1miR-25 and miR-21 Regulate Prostate Cancer Invasiveness by Attenuation of Notch-TGF-β Crosstalk and Self-Renewal Markers
Eugenio Zoni (Leiden, The Netherlands)
09:35CABSOP4.2Targeting Runx2 By Mir-135 and Mir-203 Impairs Breast Cancer Metastasis and Progression of Osteolytic Bone Disease
Hanna Taipaleenmäki (Hamburg, Germany)
09:40CABSOP4.3Radium-223 Dichloride Exhibits Dual Mode-of-Action Inhibiting both Tumour and Tumour-Induced Bone Growth in Two Osteoblastic Prostate Cancer Models
Arne Scholz (Berlin, Germany)
09:45CABSOP4.4Salinomycin Treatment Inhibits Prostate Cancer Growth In Vitro, In Vivo and in Near-Patient Ex Vivo Models
Jeroen Buijs (Leiden, The Netherlands)
09:50CABSOP4.5Prevalence of Muscle and Bone Deficits in Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Preliminary Results from the PÉTALE Study
Louis-Nicolas Veilleux (Montréal, Canada)
09:00 10:00  Hot Topics
Willem Burger Room
Chairs: Claus Glueer (Kiel, Germany) & Hans van Leeuwen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
09:00HT1High Serum Levels and Liver Expression of Sclerostin in Patients with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. Association with Markers of Bone Remodelling and Severity of Cholangitis
Silvia Ruiz-Gaspà (Barcelona, Spain)
09:10HT2Osteocyte-Specific Ablation of Pparγ Results in Sost Down-Regulation and Increased Periosteal Bone Formation but Decreased Bone Turnover in Mice
Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland)
09:20HT3Intensive Bisphosphonate Therapy Increases the Risk of Fracture and Requirement for Orthopaedic Surgery in Paget’s Disease: the PRISM-EZ Study
Adrian Tan (Edinburgh, UK)
09:30HT4Inhibition of Vascular Calcification by Extracellular Nucleotides, P2 Receptors and NPP1
Isabel Orriss (London, UK)
09:40HT5Treatment with Abaloparatide Significantly Reduces Wrist Fractures Compared to Teriparatide - Results of the Phase 3 ACTIVE Trial
Paul Miller (Colorado, USA)
09:50HT6High Periostin Levels in Cortical Bone of Cathepsin K Knock-Out Mice are Responsible for Increased Periosteal Bone Formation and Bone Mass
Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland)
10:00 10:30  Coffee & Posters
Poster Area - Arcadis Room
10:30 12:00  Workshop 5: Genomics
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh, UK) & Fernando Rivadeneira (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
10:30W5.1Next generation sequencing
Uwe Kornak (Germany)
11:00W5.2What can we learn from bioinformatics? Systems dissection of pluripotency
Frank Buchholz (Dresden, Germany)
11:30W5.3How can the other -omics supplement genomics?
Tim Spector (London, UK)
10:30 12:00  Workshop 6: Assessment of bone quality
Willem Burger Room
Chairs: Philippe Zysset (Switzerland) & Carola Zillikens (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
10:30W6.1The evaluation of bone quality in healthy and diseased human cortical bone
Björn Busse (Hamburg, Germany)
11:00W6.2Bone fragilty beyond bone strength: The clinical hip fracture as a challenge to basic understanding
Jonathan Reeve (Oxford, UK)
12:00W6.3Preclinical methods for assessing bone quality
Eleftherios Paschalis (Austria)
12:00 12:30  Lunch & Posters
Poster Area - Arcadis Room
12:30 13:30  Symposium 6 - Osteoarthritis
Willem Burger Room
Chairs: Martine Cohen-Solal (Paris, France) & Willem Lems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
S6.1Osteoarthritis - a disease of synovium, cartilage or bone?
Margreet Kloppenburg (The Netherlands)
S6.2Treatment of osteoarthritis - present and future
Joao Fonseca (Portugal)
13:30 14:30  Plenary Orals 5 - Preclinical: Osteoblasts, chondrocytes and fracture healing
Jurriaanse Room
Chairs: Tim Arnett (London, UK) & Franz Jakob (Wurzburg, Germany)
13:30OC5.1Inhibition of the Interleukin-6-Induced STAT3 Signalling Pathway is Chondroprotective
Augustin Latourte (Paris, France)
13:40OC5.2Genetic Variants in the SUPT3H-RUNX2 Locus Confer Susceptibility for Bone and Cartilage Related Disorders via Long-Range Regulation Of RUNX2
Cindy Boer
(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
13:50OC5.3MUC1 in Osteoblasts Balances Osteogenesis and Angiogenesis under Hypoxia
Jyotirmaya Behera (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
14:00OC5.4Osteoblast-Secreted Extracellular Vesicles Stimulate the Expansion of CD34+ Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells
Jess Morhayim (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
14:10OC5.5Sclerostin Depletion and its Effect on Fracture Healing in the Mouse Model
Mohammad Alzahrani (Montreal, Canada)
14:20OC5.6Proteinase-activated receptor-2 modulates joint and bone changes in experimental osteoarthritis
Carmen Huesa (Paisley, UK)
13:30 14:30  Plenary Orals 6 - Clinical: Osteoporotic fractures and rare bone diseases
Willem Burger Room
Chairs: Juliet Compston (Cambridge, UK) & Neveen Hamdy (Leiden, The Netherlands)
13:30OC6.1Secular Change in Fracture Incidence is Not Associated with Better Post-Fracture Outcomes: a Time-Trend Comparison between Two Birth Cohorts
Dana Bliuc (Sydney, Australia)
13:40OC6.2Intronic Mutations in the TCIRG1 Gene Cause Human Autosomal Recessive Osteopetrosis
Cristina Sobacchi (Milan, Italy)
13:50OC6.3The Effects of Daily Teriparatide on the Spine and Femoral Strength Assessed by a Finite Element Analysis of Clinical Computed Tomography Scans in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
Kumiko Ono (Toyko, Japan)
14:00OC6.4Hyponatraemia is Prevalent and Associated with 30-Day Mortality in Hip Fracture Patients
Christian Medom Madsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
14:10OC6.5The Calcineurin Inhibitor Tacrolimus as a New Therapy in Severe Cherubism
Amélie Coudert (Paris, France)
14:20OC6.6Blood Circulating miRNAs are Indicative of Skeletal Fractures in Postmenopausal Women with and Without Type 2 Diabetes and may be Promising Candidates for General Fracture Risk Prediction
Ursula Heilmeier (San Francisco, USA)
14:30 15:45  Closing Ceremony & Awards 3
Willem Burger Room
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