Factors To Consider When Selecting Irrigation Supplies

With the increase in the human population, farmers and institutions have engaged in irrigating land for agricultural use. For many years farmers have used irrigation to grow food for the population to meet the food demand. However, it doesn’t mean that all irrigation systems are equally beneficial. Therefore, knowing what works best for your situation is crucial. You will require knowledge concerning available options, the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Below is a look at the factors you need to consider to get proper irrigation supplies.

Soil Type

The soil type of area can affect the irrigation method to be deployed and the irrigation run times. For instance, sandy soil will require frequent high-rate applications of water to keep the root zone moist. On the other hand, clay soil can hold moisture for a more extended period than sandy soil. Even so, you may still require frequent lower rate applications to prevent runoff. In such a case, you will need an irrigation supply that dispenses water at a lower rate.

Land Topography

When it comes to irrigation, sloping and hilly land can be a challenge. Drip irrigation or sprinklers are the preferred methods for surface irrigation on unevenly sloping lands or steeper landscape. Moreover, drip irrigation will be recommended where laterals are run along topographic lines. To curb runoff, you will need to adjust your system run times. Similarly, for levelled surfaces, you can use other irrigation supplies for basin or furrow methods.

Crops Being Grown

It is to assume that the type of irrigation supplies used should be based on the kind of crop being grown. Besides, you need to consider the water requirements for each crop. Furthermore, it may help to know the soil’s unique needs and the irrigation systems suitable for crops planted in a specific soil type. Some crops are susceptible to problems resulting from improper irrigation like burning and root issues. Therefore, the irrigation equipment used will depend on the irrigation system adapted to suit a particular crop.

The Supplier

It is also good to remember that the kind of supplier you choose to transact with can significantly influence your business’s success. Some irrigation supplies companies are in the business to make easy money and not provide their customers with the excellent services they might need. You can always tell whether you are dealing with the right supplier by checking on the online reviews. Any irrigation supplies company committed to offering quality products and services will always have many people talking positively about it.


A modern irrigation systems and irrigation supplies provides the required amount of water to the crop at the right time. Choosing the suitable irrigation method for your farm will ensure you reap maximum benefits from it. Besides, irrigation as an expensive investment, you wouldn’t want to go wrong. Moreover, consider working with experienced companies who installs all types of irrigation. Their expertise and knowledge will be an added advantage as they will help you understand different types of irrigations and what works best for you.