ECTS Awards & Prizes

The European Calcified Tissue Society provides grants and awards to fund research and to assist new investigators with expenses related to their projects. Since 2003, ECTS grant expenditure has exceeded €2,000,000 thus supporting our mission to provide funding for research into bone disorders and related topics. For further information on individual awards visit the ECTS website.

The following awards will be made during the 2015 Congress.

ECTS Excellence in Research Lecture

This award is given to one of the invited speakers at the congress in recognition of his/her outstanding contributions to research in the field of bone and calcified tissues.

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 ECTS Excellence in Research Award Lecture will be delivered by Professor Ian Reid from Auckland, New Zealand.  The full session details are as follows:

Symposium 1: Osteoporosis: What have we to learn about the disease mechanism and treatment effects?

  • S1.1 - Clinical Trials - Why do we need clinical trials?
    Ian Reid (Auckland, New Zealand)

ECTS Mike Horton Basic/Translational Award

Professor Mike Horton (1948-2010) was a hematologist-turned-scientist who made significant contributions in the bone field and beyond. He performed pioneering work in osteoclast biology which resulted, among other things, in the recognition of the alpha v beta 3 integrin as a therapeutic target for inhibiting bone resorption. His warm personality and wide-ranging interests inspired many young researchers.

This award, by nomination only, is open to individuals who have made a significant basic or translational contribution to the field of bone and calcified tissue.

ECTS Philippe Bordier Clinical Award

Dr Philippe Bordier (1927-1977) contributed significantly to the bone field by developing bone histomorphometry, which he applied to the analysis of several bone diseases. His work and dynamism in science has been recognised in Europe and the United States.

This award, by nomination only, is open to individuals who have made a significant clinical contribution to the field of bone and calcified tissue.

ECTS Iain T Boyle Award

In memory of Professor Iain T Boyle (1935-2001) who contributed greatly to the field of mineral metabolism and his work on osteoporosis was known and acclaimed nationally and internationally. The award is open to young scientists who have made significant progress and contribution to the field of bone and calcified tissue.

ECTS/Amgen Bone Biology Fellowship

This 3-year fellowship programme is open to any ECTS member, clinician or scientist working in the field of bone biology.

ECTS Steven Boonen Clinical Research Award 2015

Supported by Amgen

In memory of Professor Steven Boonen, who sadly passed away during the ECTS 50th Anniversary Congress in Lisbon on 20 May 2013. ECTS would like to remember and honour Steven during its annual congress by introducing an annual Steven Boonen Clinical Research Award, supported by Amgen.

The recipient of this award will give a lecture at the annual meeting and a grant of €10,000 paid into the recipient’s institution or university account to contribute to specific research expenses.

Steven was an internationally recognised expert in the field of osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease, who was actively involved in bone disease research, education and patient care. His translational and clinical research activities focused on determinants of age-related skeletal fragility and on strategies to reduce fracture risk. Specific areas of expertise included musculoskeletal frailty, osteoporosis in old age and innovative trial design. He was an active and regular contributor to the ECTS congress for many years, and was also a member of the ECTS Board of Directors


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